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As constructive activities and complicated projects have been developed, in 2009 some of the managers of Mashhad Urban
Railway with more than decade of experience in constructing of Urban Railway decided to create new field to offer services in
engineering and observation about project performance and management, as the result they founded Asar Bana Pars
Asar Bana Pars Corporation hopes to take steps even small ones in the way of progress and development. With the complete
knowledge of board members in latest standard of project management, we intend to use this knowledge and other tools of
project management and our experience from the huge and complicated Mashhad Light Rail project that is a successful sample
in Mashhad. Our appropriate connection with national and international consultants such as Canadian, Dutch, and German …
and their presence in special projects which is a necessity is our superiority. 
Project Managment & Construction Co.

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