About Us

   Parallel to civil activities progress and complex project performance development in country, Mashhad urban railway Company Managers decided to create new conditions to provide engineering services in relation to project management, performance and studies through establishment of Asar Bana Bars Company in 2009 with reliance on achieved experiences of local and abroad projects of Mashhad metro. 

1- Promotion of country engineering and technical system.
2- Providing complete and overall solutions in construction industry.
3- Promotion of qualitative system of project performance.
4- Establishment of project method oriented management.
5- Increase of capabilities of consultants, contractors and producers of equipment.
6- Applying foreign capacities based on requirements.
7- Attempt to export engineering services.

8- Cooperation to foreign consultants and contractors to effective presence in international areas and transferring modern technical and technological knowledge to country.
9- Participation in local and foreign professional conferences in relation to civil projects to promote country technical and executive system.
10- Attempt to active participation in local and foreign rail transportation as first priority to optimal use of successful experiences.
11- Effort to achieve efficiency in relaying to projects based on effective interaction to decision makers to increase productivity with proportional costs.
​​​​​​​12- using professional and young practitioners to provide more efficient experts.

Goals & Approaches


Gholamreza Rajabnezhad Managing Director

Ali Ghane
Chairman of the Board

Majid Seyedan​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Vice Chairman of the Board