Mashhad LRT

19 Km and 22 Stations

    Although Bana Pars company key managers have various experiences in relation to various projects of dam, road and buildings as local and abroad but the most Important experience of them is related to lead and management of great projects of Mashhad Urban Railway as team work with length of 19 km and 22 stations. It is one of the honors of engineering society based on country civil activities.

    This project was started in January 2000 in Mashhad and had been exploited in March 2010 .

Service domain:

    According to specific complexities, this project is combination of study  and performance in fields of read, railroad, building, power, telecommunication, electronic, mechanic, computer, chemistry, metallurgy and others. All related studies had been performed using experiences of country professional experts and consultant with lowest help of foreign consultants.  

Lines 2,3,4

   To perform projects, 350 local and foreign bids had been hold and the best modern technologies and equipment had been provided through local and foreign.

   One of the important aspects of this project was supplying LRV based on technical specifications and European standards. This affairs should be performed despite of problems of foreign purchases and explanation structure compilation with cooperation of France SYSTRA and German LRTC consultants.​​​​​

​​​​​​​   In fact effective cooperation of beneficiaries of project was critical because of their important responsibilities. To achieve this goal, the company managers had effective role. Therefore successful exploitation of project in second metropolitan of country confirms this issue.