Mashhad Mall

    Mashhad Mall Complex, consisting of shopping mall, hyper market, five-star hotel, office complex, with over 5,000 parking places, and total built-up area of 600,000 m² is located in the best spot of the city of Mashhad. 

    A variety of facilities has been anticipated in Mashhad Mall Complex such as movie theaters, central indoor areas, game zone, restaurants, SPA, luxury cars exhibition, and other high level functions.

    In general, the facilities of this project are of high class nature; for instance, the average area of each car park is 48m². 

Service domain:

    Receiving studies and designing by NORR as an international consultant and domestic ones. Client consultant in excavation and shoring EPC contract and consolidation of pit wall, Cooperating with ROTANA as an international operator of hotel and JCW in shopping center.