Padideh Kish Legendary City

    The huge project of Kish Legendary city is under construction in southwest of the island, in a land with an area of 22 acres and abuilding area of more over 920 thousands square meters.

    This unique project has various utilities and different sectors including 5-star hotel, serviced apartments towers, banquet halls and a business center, a great shopping center, a huge recreational waterfront, an indoor family entertainment center, a water park, and a botanic garden.

    Serviced Apartments Towers: This towers will be constructed with a building area of 351,000 square meters, in five 55-story towers. The size of these complex’s units range from 48 square meters to 1063 square meters.   

   Hotel Towers: Having around 2200 rooms to accommodate sublime domestic and foreign guests, wedding halls, international restaurants, skyscraper restaurants and presidential suites -for presidents and top officials of different countries. The entire building area of this ultra-modern hotel in Padideh Kish dreamland is around 290.000 square meters.

   Shopping Mall: A large shopping center with multiple entries and accesses. Its gross floor area is over 270,000 square meters and has 460 business units ranging from 30 to 700 square meters. This center has a 13.000-square-meter hypermarket and four department stores with floor area totally more over 11.400-square-meter, and also some other facilities including food court, ice track, home center, cinema, and different saloon for different sports such as bowling, billiard, etc.

​​​​​​​   Marina: The project has a great marina in front of the towers which will be the biggest in Iran. It has 850m width and 1000m length with the capacity of over 1000 yachts and small and medium size boats.

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